I am available for landscape commissions in the Savannah area.  I have a lot of fun working with clients to come up with a painting inspired by their everyday environment.  I can work in either the resin hard edge style, or the classic oil painting style.  In either case I come up with 2-4 small designs for you to choose from before completing the final piece.  I like to go by the spot at different times of day to check out the light, usually morning and evening at "golden hour".  With the oil paintings I do one quick sketch on site from life, the resin pieces do not require that since they are more abstract.  Please contact me for my price list, but it is usually 15% more than my non-commission work.


If you live more than an hour from Savannah and would like to discuss a special arrangement please contact me here.


Group Classes


I have been teaching art for 8 years and love working with all levels and ages of students.  If you are interested in a group class please contact me here.